UPS Systems by Design

Select your UPS System by design type -  Standy-by for less critical applications , Line-interactive for higher end computing, and Double Conversion for ultimate power quality and reliability.  
  • Stand-By UPS
    The Standby UPS offers only the most basic features, providing surge protection and battery backup to the connected equipment. When there is a power outage ,brownout, or over-voltage, the ups switches over to battery power and runs on the inverter to provide AC power.
  • Line-Interactive UPS
    Line Interactive ups systems provide excellent overall power protection and are ideal for computer applications. They protect against all 5 power problems, but are not a good fit for power quality sensitive applications such as lab equipment.
  • Online Double Conversion UPS
    True online double conversion UPS Systems are the industry standard for mission critical applications or where power quality must be precise. Online Double conversion systems typically regulate voltage +/- 3% or better and output a true sine-wave.