SNMP4 Management ( Requires SNMP Management Card ) 

Online RT1 /RTX1, SCR3 6-10kVA, MSR 20-60kVA Downloads

SNMP Management System works with OPS-SNMP4-WEBCARD. Netility software allows card setup and configuration. Once card is setup and configured you can monitor via a web browser or with SNMPView software. SNMPView is not required for SNMP management, but is rather a tool that allows for monitoring and controlling multiple ups units on the network.

Orion SNMP 4 Essentials- Zip file download includes :
SNMP View - Allows monitoring and management of multiple Orion ups systems from a single window.
Netagent A / Netagent 9 Manual
Netility - Allows for searching for ups systems and configuration 
MIB Files